Microblading and Micropigmentation is a natural form of cosmetic tattooing. You procedure is done by Jen McCoy, a state licensed permanent make up artist specializing in Microblading, Microshading(“3D Shadow Brow”), Lash Line Enhancements, Powder Eye Liner(Shadow Liner), Velour Lip Color and Translucent Lip Color Plump effect (the pouty lip), and the Revolutionary Scalp Micropigmentation.

Jen has years of experience in the Microblading and PMU field and holds 14 certifications in Permanent Cosmetics Procedures. She has recently been awarded her Master Microblader Status, which is highly regarded in the international industry.

We can answer any questions you may have! Schedule a phone consultation with Jen prior to booking an appointment at: https://mintbeautyandwellness.as.me/pmuconsultation *please note that this is is a scheduled phone call that will be made to you at the time you schedule!

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