mint beauty & wellness - A Boutique Spa Retreat

mint is located in a serene and cozy spa environment. The moment you step foot inside the door, you will feel comforted, cared for, and rejuvenated at mint beauty & wellness.

Enjoy the aroma of essential oils, listen to the cascading waters of the fountain, sip organic teas or fruit infused waters...and relax into bliss.. 



All treatments can be specifically tailored to achieve desired results.

mint signature facial: an hour of bliss concentrating on individualized needs. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, treatment mask, and a sleep inducing face, neck, and scalp massage.  75 minutes $95

Hydro O2 Facial: Deep hydro cleansing with enzymes purifies and flushes away dull skin, Hydro Power Peel gives the most complete extractions and skin sloughing, Hydro Infusion drives vital nutrients deep into the skin for plump, dewy, bright, glowing skin. Pure Hyperberic Oxygen is infused for an incredible glow. Nourishing mask with Collagen stimulating LED light therapy completes this game changing treatment. $175  

           75 minute results focused treatment 

ADD Microlifting facial toning and lifting treatment OR Lymphatic drainage $199

"Triple Crown" Facial: This relaxing, yet Powerful skin transforming facial combines a gentle skin renewing fruit acid peel, followed by Microcurrent Facial Toning and Lifting. The final step is the Oxygen Molecular Therapy, which combines a potent Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C potent serum attached to pure Hyperbaric Oxygen molecules and infused directly into the deeper layers of the skin, leaving the most dramatic toned, brightened, and glowing skin.   $155

           90 minute treatment         ADD Red LED Light Therapy $35      ADD RED Light Therapy eye treatment $25

NanoInfusion Facial: Results oriented facial combines a skin brightening enzyme mask, and skin infusion treatment to channel highly concentrated mix of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, encapsulated vitamin C, and stem cells directly into the skin, and pure oxygen resulting in glowing, dewy, perfect skin.

60 minutes $ 175


Fire & Ice Facial: Skin revitalizing Warm stones and skin awakening Cool globes are used in this skin nourishing and refreshing facial. Warm enzyme mask, de-puffing and cooling eye treatment, and warm stone hand and foot massage complete this incredible experience.  $110

75 minutes 


Mint Bliss Facial:  A relaxing facial that cleanses, balances, and rejuvenates while vital energy points are massaged. You will experience completely letting go and drifting into ayurvedic bliss. The Ultimate Facial Experience.  $145

  • Relaxing massage on the feet to relax the head, neck, shoulders, and back

  • Polarity balancing pressure point techniques

  • Warm stone massage & cooling JADE crystal de-puffing eye treatment

  • Face rejuvenation using marma pressure points

  • Soothing Lymphatic Drainage Face & Neck Treatment included
    90-minute treatment


MiroLIFTING Facial: Results oriented facial using gentle current to firm and subtly lift and tone the muscles in the face and neck to create a youthful and vibrant appearance. Great pre-event facial

$125  75 min treatment    Combine with Oxygen Skin Treatment $145

Lymphatic Drainage Facial (Dr. Vodder MLD): A relaxing and detoxifying facial using a gentle massage technique that drains puffiness and sluggish impurities away from the face, creating a refreshed look to the skin. Complete relaxation!   $110

           75 minute treatment


The "Celebrity's Choice" Red Carpet Oxygenating Facial Treatment: A results driven facial that uses  hyperbaric oxygen that is binded with active ingredients and infused directly into the skin. The outcome of glowing, supple, and radiant skin is instant and noticeable. This is "The Go To" facial of the stars.   $135

           75 minute treatment

Microdermabrasion:  This noninvasive exfoliating and resurfacing treatment brightens, polishes and improves the clarity of the skin while stimulating collagen production.  Creates a youthful glow to the face, neck, decolotte, or hands.  A la Carte: $70   Add on to any existing facial treatment: $30   Series of Six: $375


Warm Stone Facial: Drift into the clouds with a gentle warm stone facial. An incredibly relaxing facial that eases the body and nourishes the skin. Warm and cool smooth stones massage the face, head, arms, hands and, feet. This balances the body's parasympathetic nervous system as well as creates a beautiful glow to the skin.  $110

          75 minute treatment


Lymphatic Drainage Massage: (Dr. Vodder MLD): The gentle, wave-like touch taps into the body's central nervous system, relaxing and balancing the adrenal glands, releasing unneeded puffiness that the body is holding onto, and bringing the body into it's natural balance. Total relaxation while creating a balanced and pure environment in the body.  $135

         75 minute treatment


Caribbean Coconut Cocoon  Body Glow: Relax and unwind as the skin is gently exfoliated from head to toe. A warn organic coconut elixir is applied to the skin with a gentle massage and wrapped up into a warm cocoon while a relaxing scalp treatment is performed. Deeply hydrating, nourishing treatment that results in a beautiful glow.  $75

         45 minute treatment


Skin Firming Seaweed Body Wrap: A skin smoothing lymphatic dry brush technique is performed before a deeply hydrating and skin toning seaweed mask is applied to the skin. A warm and relaxing wrap that flushes out toxins to firm the skin.   $85

         60 minute treatment


Vibrational Healing Session: A healing session using active vibrations via tuning forks, PiezoElectrical Healing Crystals, and Sound Therapy to heal and restore the body's natural energy/vibration. Truly calming and balancing.  $85

         60 minute treatment  


Mint Signature Bliss out Massage: a relaxing massage using Swedish technique for complete relaxation. Aromatherapy or a warm stone add on can be incorporated for a total melt into bliss.

$75 for a 60 minute treatment                        $95 for a 90 minute ZEN massage treatment




Add On's to existing treatments:

Cooling and Revitalizing Eye Treatment: $20   

Micro Lifting Face Treatment: $25

Facial waxing add on: $15

Lymphatic Drainage Face add on:  $30

Microdermabrasion add on: $30

Luxurious Rejuvenating Hand and Foot treatment combo: $35

Warm Stones added to any facial or massage $10

LED Red Light Healing Therapy eye treatment $25

BIOPHOTON LED Light Therapy Face/Decolletage $35

Nourishing & Exfoliating Foot Treatment $20

Dermaplaning Add on $45




Injections are provided onsite by our Board Certified MD,  Dr. John Kelly and Board Certified RN, Kristin Searing

Botox: Smooth fine lines, achieve symmetry, enhance or soften to bring out your best you . $10 per unit.

Botox treatments are also available for addressing TMJ! As well as underarms for excessive sweating.

Juvederm: Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to correct and fill moderate to severe lines.

Restylane: Dermal filler that creates a beautiful fill and lift.  

Belotero: Hyaluronic acid dermal filler addresses both fine lines and severe folds.

Vitamin B12 Injections: Improve energy and skin $25

Medical Skin Peels:

All peels are specific to individual needs and require an initial same day consultation included within the service. 

 Peels address hyper pigmentation, fine lines, acne, dull skin, melasma, inflammation, and more.

Light peel: $70   ( Series of six:   10%off series)

Medium to Heavy Depth Peel: $155+   (Series of six:  10%off series)

ReveSkin MD Treatments:

RevePeel Medical Peels are breakthrough Medical Grade Peeling treatments with remarkable results on photoaging, severe pigmentation, melasma, sun damage, fine lines, pores, and acne scars:

MD RevePeel RX: one peeling session with dramatic results


MD Enlighten RX RevePeel DePigmentation System: a breakthrough deep peeling system that targets melasma and hyperpigmentation


Skin Refresher Cocktail: "lunchtime revitalizer" light resurfacing - Microderm, Enzyme Peel, stem cell treatment, LED Treatment : $85  35 minutes

Dermaplaning: A simple a safe procedure to remove fine vellus(baby) hairs on the face. Smooths and brightens the skin.  $60

Hydrodermabrasion Jet Peel: Combining a hydrodermabrasion with a choice of a salicylic peel for a deep pore cleansing and gentle skin resurfacing or an enzyme Peptide Solution skin plumping and hydrating . A great add on to a facial or by itself. $60

Plasma Lift Skin Tightening: Non surgical skin tightening procedure provides results in eliminating excess skin and tightening skin with minimal downtime.

Plasma Eye Lift, neck tightening, mini lift(face, jowls, ear area, forehead, eyes, brows,) lip line smoothing, plasma lip plumping, crows feet, nose tip lift, neck lines, breast lines, and tummy tightening. Prices vary.

BB Glow Facial Treatment: Semi permanent organic skin toned matched pigment is placed under the superficial layers of the skin to create a perfectly even, flawless skin tone. Pigment is mico-channeled into the upper layers to create smooth, perfect skin with the appearance of a BB or CC cream. Lasts up to 4 months.

$299 per treatment (add decolotte $75)

NanoInfusion Facial Treatment: Results oriented facial combines a skin brightening enzyme mask, and skin infusion treatment to channel highly concentrated mix of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, encapsulated vitamin C, and stem cells directly into the skin, and pure oxygen resulting in glowing, dewy, perfect skin.

60 minutes $175

 MICRONEEDLING CIT(Collagen Induction Stem Cell Therapy):

This revolutionary fractional delivery procedure uses Cytokine Growth Factors combined with microneedling to induce collagen production, smooths fine lines and acne scars, boosts cell turnover, and improves the clarity of the skin. We are literally reversing the skin's aging process by injecting youth back into the skin!

$300 per session.    *series of 4 is recommended   *10% discount when series is pre-purchased.

Per Area: (lip or eye only) $150

Hair Restoration Treatment: Bone marrow stem cells formulated specifically for stimulating hair growth are used in this scalp microneedling procedure. Treatment plan is 3-6 sessions. Starting at $270 per treatment area

LED BIOTONE Light Therapy (Photo Biochemical Tissue Repair/Regeneration)- non invasive NASA technology used to promote skin cellular metabolism. Smooths skin, improves firmness, reduces fine lines and hyperpigmantation, balances PH, tightens pores, and improves the clarity of the skin. LED activates cell Cytochromes, improving tissue regeneration for visibly drastic healing.

$60 per session  *$35 as an ADD on to pre-scheduled service  *highly recommended in conjunction with Microneedling and Plasma Skin Tightening.




Microblading/Microshading/Micropigmentation is a revolutionalry semi-permanant brow and lash enhancement that inserts organic pigment into the upper layers of the skin, creating fullness in the brows and eye lashes. Results are natural and flawless, can last up to 3  years, and fades naturally.

Microblading eyebrows: $425

Hybrid Microshading with Microblading(“B;ade & Shade”) $500

Shadow/Powder Brow $ 500

Eyelash Line Enhancement(very natural): Upper and Lower $250

Full Eyeliner Upper and Lower( included lash line) $300

Shadow Eye Liner + Lash Line eye liner Upper and lower $350

Microblading and micropigmentation require a follow up session to complete your procedure. 

Velour Lip Full Lip Pigmentation: $400

The Pouty Lip Pigmentation: $350

Microblading Eyebrow FILL (8 month -1 year touch up) starts at $125

Scalp Micropigmentation is an answer to hair loss: prices vary depending on treatment/surface area. Schedule a consultation today.


All procedures completed by a Wisconsin state licensed Permanent Cosmetics Tattoo artist with Master status at Mint Beauty and Wellness, a WI state licensed permanent cosmetics establishment. 



Eye Brow Shaping $18

Lip or Chin $10

Bikini $30

Brazilian $60

Half Leg $40

Underarms $25

Back $60

Nose $10

EyeLash Lifts and lash or BrowTints

Lash Lifts: Lifts and curls natural eyelashes (lash perm) $65 (Lift & Tint Combo $95)

Lash and Brow Tinting: $32 per area

As an add on to a brow wax or lash extension: $28

Tinting is gentle and semi-permanent to enhance the look of your eyelashes and eyebrows. Variety of colors available.


Eyelash  Extensions:


NOVALASH Minx Eyelash Extensions

Minx Full set: $150

fill: starts at $40


NOVALASH American VOLUME Eyelash Extensions: Look and feel light as a feather, like your natural lashes, only more glamorous.

Full Set: $200

    fill: starts at $50


NOVALASH London VOLUME Eyelash Extensions: the NEWEST lash extension technique creates intense fluffy volume while still feeling light and natural.

Full set: $250

    fill: starts at $65


Candid Eyelash Extension (individuals)

          $3/ lash

Add on Extension cleansing Conditioning Brush through Treatment


Removal: $50




mint beauty & wellness - a boutique spa retreat